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At KareInn we believe in genuinely improving the quality of life for the elderly, using data-driven insights and early interventions.

Our lab work enables us to invest in the long-term so that we can be sure to develop the latest smart tools and techniques that empower both residents and care staff today and in the future.

We’re proud of our collaborations

More people and organisations we work with

KareInn works with the Alzheimer’s Society Research Network because of the founders’ mission to help those who cannot help themselves.

I see dementia as the biggest challenge to society of this century, but the duty to tackle it cannot be left to people with dementia and their families alone. They deserve people to join this fight.

John LanyonLead Member, Alzheimer’s Society Research Network and Co-Founder of KareInn

Care technology should be designed in a way that enables more human interaction, not less. It’s the fastest route to driving significant impact and providing a better quality of life for older people.

Collaborating with KareInn means you are part of the conduit of care decision makers who believe the importance of constant innovation and research. Business as usual is not an option for the industry. If there was ever an example of a “burning platform for change” the adult care industry is it.

Eric KihlstromHead of Industry Collaborations, Longevity International UK and Co-Founder of KareInn

I envision a world where people in need of professional care spend the rest of their lives in care with confidence and dignity.

Alex KenneyTechnology Developer, London NHS Trusts and Co-Founder of KareInn

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