Resident and Family Portal

Better communication and well-being of residents and family members.


Residents feel settled when their preferences are acknowledged and recorded. Their quality of life improves dramatically when they have control over their day-to-day experiences, activity plans, meal preferences and have the ability to contribute to their care plans.

Enquiry Handling

Families are kept central to the care plan process so enquiries are reduced and everyone is kept up-to-date with relevant care information, photos and daily updates.

Improved Wellbeing

Secure messaging enables families and residents to communicate safely and easily. If a resident isn’t able to use the screens themselves, a carer will schedule sharing time as part of their well-being programme.

The feedback given in these family groups was overwhelmingly positive, with relatives thanking staff for updates, sharing their delight at being able to get pictures and videos of their loved ones and getting support and advice from staff. This system had enabled relatives who are not local to still be involved in the service and their family member’s care.

CQC Report, Newday Nursing Home

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