Digital Care Planning Benefits Care Home Owners and Directors

The role of Care Home Owners and Directors is to oversee a safe, compliant and financially viable organisation. Specifically, their role within a care organisation covers the following:

  • Supporting their Registered Care Home Manager 
  • Managing the Capital Expenditure for investment 
  • Maintaining the home as an attractive proposition 
  • Supporting the Care Home Manager with staffing issues 
  • Maintaining visibility and keeping up-to-date with regulation 
  • Supporting inspections and making any representations to CQC as required, and
  • Ensuring their homes comply with the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry and purpose of its registration.

KareInn Digital Care Planning supports Care Home owners and Directors with software that: 

  • Sets reminders to not miss anything that is essential (nudges), 
  • Gives complete visibility as to what needs to be done across the home (reports & insights), and
  • Puts in place rules that will alert them early if there are issues (policy settings and escalations).

Management Dashboard

A dashboard that enables you to quickly identify the areas across your group that need your attention and enables your management team and staff to do their jobs better.

Monitor clinical baselines

Interactive tools enable quick and accurate capture of quantifiable information including fluids, weight, food intake, bowel & bladder movement plus many more features for physical and mental health.

Instantly download reports

Automatically boost productivity with easy to create and quick to download reports on KPIs, including near misses, accidents and incidents, over any set time period. Available to download in a format to suit you.

Critical insights

Pick-up on local differences in safeguarding, drill down into the details behind the statistics. Save on travel time by providing remote support and direction from a distance. Turn your service into a learning organisation that improves together.

Quickly identify what needs attention

You’ll have an instant snapshot of key inquiries and areas requiring your attention. You’ll also have live timelines and reporting tools to monitor progress updates and help you evaluate where best to focus your time.

Manager task assignments

Assign specific tasks to staff and monitor the progress throughout the day, without having to chase. Our friendly reminder system, gently prompts staff to ensure nothing gets missed.

Improve CQC Compliance

Ensures your group maintains Good and Outstanding ratings and gives your struggling homes the tools they need for rapid change.

Shared Learning

Track trends in incidents, accidents and near misses and improve processes and workflows accordingly. Make improving care an automated process with smart systems and open collaboration with your teams.

Evidence Care

Create reports down to the finest detail including timelines with each care interaction. Rest assured you are providing the highest level of documentation standards for your leadership teams, senior carers and for each CQC visit.

Digital Action Plans

Create digital action plans for individual homes and across your care home group. Track the progress of each action plan against incidents and KLOEs. Track action plans by category including infection control, risk management, and care activities.

Mock CQC Visits

Ensure each home is CQC ready. Access and review the reports you will produce when the CQC visit. Practice runs are a great way to train management and staff on how to present evidence and make the CQC’s job as easy as possible.

Clinical Workflows

You’ll be able to ensure the highest quality standards in care by controlling best practice across your group.

Error Proof Your Operation

KareInn’s built-in scoring system triggers actions and care plans so a high MUST score around nutrition triggers a malnutrition care plan.

Protect Your Processes

Gain control by setting end-to-end workflows that follow your own policies and procedures and enable “if”, “then” and “or” scenarios. Get notified if a process is not followed and reduce the occurrence of notifiable events.

Create Smart Feeds

Determine which care plans and assessments are mandatory and which are preferred so that frontline staff can quickly choose from the most relevant care options.

Improved Occupancy Management

Ensuring healthy occupancy rates is essential to your business. Not only does KareInn help with your CQC ratings, giving local press something to talk about and residents and staff something to be proud of, our system also helps you to create unforgettable customer journeys.

Arrival Day

Once admitted, notes and assessments will automatically convert into a pre-prepared care plan and the resident will become live on the system.

Document Wallet

Scan and link all documents including insurance, existing care plans, personal history and pre-admissions forms in the resident’s digital library.

Automated Marketing

Make the administration of the resident journey seamless and less time consuming for management with auto-response emails and follow-up prompts.

Win/Loss Feedback

Improve your sales and marketing efforts with win/loss information that will help you refine your messaging and promotions and improve occupancy rates.

Pre-admissions Assessments

Begin to build new resident care plans and pre-admissions assessments as you go, saving notes in draft form along the way.

Room Selection

Enable staff to discuss available rooms and their unique features with interested parties and place rooms on reserve based on arrival dates.

Having KareInn has allowed us to have better oversight at Senior Management Level and at Care Home Management level as well. I can see instant returns. Our management has more time. They are able to quickly analyse at a high level and then deep dive into specific areas where needed by using the KareInn dashboard.

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