Digital Care Planning Benefits CCGs, GPs and other Third Parties

KareInn’s digital care planning platform benefits CCGs, residents and care homes by providing the information CCGs, GP practices, Primary Care and Emergency services need, quickly and safely. In the past, if a GP needed to see a care plan and care notes so that he or she could make a more informed decision about a resident, it was a long and time-consuming process. Carers would have to remove themselves from activities with a resident and search the files for the correct paperwork. Then they would have to fax the files to the GP offices and wait for a reply.

With KareInn, this information can be easily searched and any reports needed can be downloaded in minutes, in PDF format and sent on to the GP offices.

Below are more reasons KareInn benefits CCGs with rich resident data in a secure format.

How KareInn Global Platform Benefits CCGs

Seamless integration with approved third parties.

Electronic Medication Management

We offer the best eMar solution on the market, MED e-care. MED e-care ensures the highest standards of medication management for care home residents. You'll benefit from ongoing stock management and complete documentation and control over the ordering and administering of medications.

Information from the medication rounds is automatically fed into KareInn’s Digital Care Suite, giving you central oversight into the key areas of care delivery, across your homes.

The KareInn Global Platform gives you the option to use your eMar solution of choice and obtain the same single view experience.

Finance and Staff

Civica Coldharbour are experts in digital solutions that help care homes manage costs and run more efficiently. Civica is improving operations and saving costs in more than 70% of the top care homes in the UK.

All care home groups using KareInn have access to Civica’s complete care management solution. As a group director you can be assured that all aspects of your groups’ finances, operations and clinical procedures are managed in one powerful platform.


It’s great to have options when choosing a new digital care planning software and at KareInn our integration and migration tools enables you to make the transition to our software seamless.
With the KareInn Global Platform you can choose from our partners’ eMar, Staff Rostering, Audit Management and Billing & Payment Management or keep your own solutions, it’s your choice.

Our platform enables data to be safely shared across your systems, improving performance and saving time by eliminating the need for manual data transfers.

Features of the Resident and Family Portal that Benefit CCGs

Approved third party health and wellbeing experts can contribute to the portal.

Improved Wellbeing

Secure messaging enables families and residents to communicate safely and easily. If a resident isn’t able to use the screens themselves, a carer will schedule sharing time as part of their well-being programme.


Residents feel settled when their preferences are acknowledged and recorded. Their quality of life improves dramatically when they have control over their day-to-day experiences, activity plans, meal preferences and have the ability to contribute to their care plans.

Enquiry Handling

Families are kept central to the care plan process so enquiries are reduced and everyone is kept up-to-date with relevant care information, photos and daily updates.

Powerful Reporting through KareInn’s Management Dashboard

Homes can safely and easily create resident reports for CCGs, hospital transfers and other third party providers.

Monitor clinical baselines

Interactive tools enable quick and accurate capture of quantifiable information including fluids, weight, food intake, bowel & bladder movement plus many more features for physical and mental health.

Instantly download reports

Automatically boost productivity with easy to create and quick to download reports on KPIs, including near misses, accidents and incidents, over any set time period. Available to download in a format to suit you.

Critical insights

Pick-up on local differences in safeguarding, drill down into the details behind the statistics. Save on travel time by providing remote support and direction from a distance. Turn your service into a learning organisation that improves together.

Quickly identify what needs attention

You’ll have an instant snapshot of key inquiries and areas requiring your attention. You’ll also have live timelines and reporting tools to monitor progress updates and help you evaluate where best to focus your time.

Manager task assignments

Assign specific tasks to staff and monitor the progress throughout the day, without having to chase. Our friendly reminder system, gently prompts staff to ensure nothing gets missed.