Digital Adopters Club

Great things happen when care leaders meet.

The Digital Adopters Club is Where Care Leaders Meet.

One of the best parts of our job is bringing our amazing clients together to talk all things digital. What’s special about the Digital Adopters Club? It’s where we share and shape our digital roadmap and learn from our clients who bring us their latest challenges and wins.

Our Head of Product,  Phil Brown, is constantly collecting and analysing data through our systems and this information is presented and discussed with the group. We believe we deliver better solutions to our clients because of how we work to deliver fundamentally better technologies and better care outcomes.  We collaborate to deliver the high levels of care that residents deserve and the peace of mind that their families need.

What the Covid pandemic has taught us is the importance of coming together, whether it be over Zoom calls or in person. We cannot wait for when we can meet together again face-to-face, but we also value every virtual meeting and the insights they provide. It’s a win-win relationship that culminates every quarter during our Digital Adopters Club events. We hope to see you there!

Where Care Leaders Meet

Benefits of joining the next Digital Adopters Club:


  • Network with industry leaders
  • Learn about KareInn’s latest features and technology roadmap
  • Gain access to new trials and innovations
  • Meet our growing list of partners and explore new services
  • Access and participate in leading sector research
  • Contribute to the development of KareInn’s new product features
  • Continued Professional Development opportunity

As a KareInn Customer you are automatically granted membership to our Digital Adopters Club. Join us, we can’t wait to welcome you!

I wanted to work with someone who had a collaborative mindset, who welcomes feedback and has healthy discussions about the different ways in which you can do things and at the same time, helps us to reassess what we are doing.

Director and OwnerClassic Care

We really see our technology development as a partnership. The launch of KareInn 3.0 is testament to the collaborative nature of our customer relationships.

Dan CharltonCTO of KareInn

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