Digital Care Planning Benefits Registered Managers

Registered Care Home Managers have a huge responsibility to ensure every aspect of their care home is running smoothly.

They are in day-to-day charge of the regulated service, managing the home in line with the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry. They also need to be on top of:

  • Coordinating with visiting external professionals, 
  • Hiring, motivating and retaining care home staff,
  • Keeping up to date and remaining compliant with regulatory changes and requirements, ensuring staff stay up to date with skills and training, 
  • Managing inspections and visits by funding bodies,
  • Ensuring the home spends within budget and occupancy remains high, 
  • Marketing the home in the local area,
  • Ultimately responsible for the safety and wellbeing of residents,
  • Managing family members and relationships with residents, and
  • Often writes all the care plans herself.

KareInn’s Digital Care Planning Benefits Registered Managers:

  • Reminders to not miss anything that is essential (nudges), 
  • Ease with which can see what needs to be done across the home that could cause problems  (reports),
  • Tracked tables and graphs for individuals to remove the need to manually create (history of quick tools),
  • Easy tools for front line staff to complete daily observations (inputs & outputs), 
  • The visibility that staff are performing their jobs on time and to the right standard (quality of posts),
  • Quicker and easier to respond to visiting professional and family enquiries
  • Guidance notes on areas to consider when writing the care plans, and
  • Pre-registration and CRM functionality.

Care Delivery Monitoring

Ensure you are on top of your day and nothing gets missed. Set alerts for your managers and set tasks and reminders for your care staff with our intelligent task management features.

Acknowledge, accept and proceed

KareInn’s notification and acceptance system provides a full audit trail of who has read cascaded information about the home and individual residents.

Smooth Handovers

Real-time care monitoring gets everyone on the same page. The shift handover summary displays all residents so it is clear in one glance who has handover information and who doesn’t. Reports can be produced for all historic handovers too.

Complete oversight

Complete visibility that staff are performing their jobs on time and to the right quality standard.

Easily identify residents at risk, reduce incidents and stay connected at all times to vital information in a resident’s monitoring.

Wound management

Monitor the body map history over time, grade wounds using an in-App library, upload photographs from within the App and record the application of creams.

Voice to Text

Use the dictation function to quickly record all of your care notes directly into the system.


KareInn monitors clinical baselines for you by sending alerts when there is a change. You can also create reminders for all types of task, from care plan reviews to management audits and routine daily tasks.

Clinical Workflows

Ensure the highest quality standards in care by controlling your processes and establishing easy to follow best practice throughout your care home.

Error Proof Operation

KareInn’s built-in scoring system triggers actions and care plans so a high MUST score around nutrition triggers a malnutrition care plan.

Protect Your Processes

Gain control by setting end-to-end workflows that follow your own policies and procedures and enable “if”, “then” and “or” scenarios. Get notified if a process is not followed and reduce the occurrence of notifiable events.

Create Smart Feeds

Determine which care plans and assessments are mandatory and which are preferred so that frontline staff can quickly choose from the most relevant care options.

Care Plan Builder

Enable your staff to auto-create care plans and assessments with smart guidance, strict management controls and data compliance.

Acknowledge, Accept and Proceed

Notification and acceptance system provides a full audit trail of who has read and acknowledged management messages or resident specific information.

Continually Update at Point of Care

A single view of all resident information is available anytime and anywhere across all devices and across your entire care home group.

Create a New Care Plan

Auto-create care plans based on clinical assessments.

Document Wallet

Upload any file format and link with individual resident’s care plans.

Management Authorisations

Junior care team members develop skills and gain experience writing care plans under strict authorisation and control by management.

Ongoing Care Plan Management

Ongoing care needs are met and evidenced according to the latest care notes and assessments.

Improve CQC Compliance

Rest assured your care home will maintain Good and Outstanding ratings through our digital evidencing and care delivery monitoring. If your home needs improvement, our system will help you get there faster.

Shared Learning

Track trends in incidents, accidents and near misses and improve processes and workflows accordingly. Make improving care an automated process with smart systems and open collaboration with your teams.

Evidence Care

Create reports down to the finest detail including timelines with each care interaction. Rest assured you are providing the highest level of documentation standards for your leadership teams, senior carers and for each CQC visit.

Digital Action Plans

Create digital action plans for individual homes and across your care home group. Track the progress of each action plan against incidents and KLOEs. Track action plans by category including infection control, risk management, and care activities.

Mock CQC Visits

Ensure each home is CQC ready. Access and review the reports you will produce when the CQC visit. Practice runs are a great way to train management and staff on how to present evidence and make the CQC’s job as easy as possible.

Management Dashboard

Our Management Dashboard enables you to quickly identify the areas in your home that need your attention, assign tasks, monitor progress whilst enabling the other members of your team to do their jobs better. 

Monitor clinical baselines

Interactive tools enable quick and accurate capture of quantifiable information including fluids, weight, food intake, bowel & bladder movement plus many more features for physical and mental health.

Instantly download reports

Automatically boost productivity with easy to create and quick to download reports on KPIs, including near misses, accidents and incidents, over any set time period. Available to download in a format to suit you.

Critical insights

Pick-up on local differences in safeguarding, drill down into the details behind the statistics. Save on travel time by providing remote support and direction from a distance. Turn your service into a learning organisation that improves together.

Quickly identify what needs attention

You’ll have an instant snapshot of key inquiries and areas requiring your attention. You’ll also have live timelines and reporting tools to monitor progress updates and help you evaluate where best to focus your time.

Manager task assignments

Assign specific tasks to staff and monitor the progress throughout the day, without having to chase. Our friendly reminder system, gently prompts staff to ensure nothing gets missed.

Resident and Family Portal

Care Home Managers save time updating friends and relatives and give residents and family the voice they deserve. With our Resident and Family Portal, you’ll find better communication and well-being throughout your home.

Improved Wellbeing

Secure messaging enables families and residents to communicate safely and easily. If a resident isn’t able to use the screens themselves, a carer will schedule sharing time as part of their well-being programme.


Residents feel settled when their preferences are acknowledged and recorded. Their quality of life improves dramatically when they have control over their day-to-day experiences, activity plans, meal preferences and have the ability to contribute to their care plans.

Enquiry Handling

Families are kept central to the care plan process so enquiries are reduced and everyone is kept up-to-date with relevant care information, photos and daily updates.

The feedback given in these family groups was overwhelmingly positive, with relatives thanking staff for updates, sharing their delight at being able to get pictures and videos of their loved ones and getting support and advice from staff. This system had enabled relatives who are not local to still be involved in the service and their family member’s care.

CQC Report, Newday Nursing Home