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Improving financial and operational efficiencies with real-time care home resident data.

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We are so proud of the Civica KareInn partnership and the benefits and operational efficiencies and reporting it offers to our clients.

Together Civica and KareInn set the standard in operational efficiencies for residential care homes.

” It’s the deep integration that sets this partnership apart from other digital care planning and financial solutions. When Care Planning and Income Processing are integrated to this level, the benefits in the form of care outcomes, operational insight and cost efficiencies are unrivalled. “

John Lanyon, Co-Founder KareInn

Coldharbour & KareInn Integration Features

Inspired resident journey

Creates the perfect flow of information from customer enquiry to resident admission. Once an account team confirms a resident’s affordability a full profile and care plan is automatically created, ready for admission.

Lead management that wins

Never lose sight of a potential lead. The system manages the differences between temporary and permanent declines in your CRM and Income processing. Optimise your sales process and ensure monthly occupancy targets are met.

Changes in dependency

The account team is updated automatically when a resident’s dependency level changes in a care plan. This care category change prompts a rate review allowing you to optimise income and remove time spent tracking status against billing.

Synched contact details

The latest resident contact information and legal permissions are synched across your care home. In addition to providing better billing and operational accuracy, it also gives staff peace of mind and more person-centred care.

Responsive room management

Room changes prompted by dependency needs or personal requests are automatically synched. The system waits for the request to be accepted or rejected using the appropriate checks and adjusts fees and billing accordingly.

Site transfers and re-admissions

Resident transfers, temporary discharges and re-admissions are all recorded in care plans and the data synched with Income Processing. This enables up to the minute billing adjustments to be made and communicated with the payee.

Respite care and other services

Tracks complex billing and occupancy management associated with respite care. Ensures care data and income processing are always accurate. New care services can easily be introduced and new income streams secured.

Death and discharges

Together the system ensures deaths and permanent discharges are handled sensitively. Any changes or delays due to family approvals or legal requirements are carefully monitored, billing systems updated and family informed.

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Fundamentally Better

When residents get the right care at the right time, the result is better health outcomes, more efficient use of resources and more control over income processing.

KareInn delivers on the promise of fundamentally better digital care home solutions with the Civica KareInn partnership.

Auto Billing Rate Triggers

Enhanced billing package that increases fees based on resident dependency, room changes and staff time.

Reduction in Errors

Increased accuracy of data and reduction in errors due to single point of data entry.

Single Point of Truth

Single resident view/ one point of truth - not checking against multiple systems.

Smart Care

KareInn’s preemptive system helps the front line staff prevent falls from happening in the first place.

Quality of Life

KareInn ensures residents get the right care at the right time which means better health outcomes and more efficient use of resources.

Set-up Time

Integration set-up time - APIs that already exist so the customer can hit the ground running.

Deep Integration

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I was expecting good things from Civica and KareInn but the integration results exceeded my expectations.

Director of IT at KYN

We’re proud of our collaboration Civica KareInn

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