Care Plan Builder

Auto-create care plans and assessments with smart guidance.

Smarter and More Collaborative

Build highly personalised care plans quicker and easier.

Review all clinical assessment data in a single place and use that data to build a highly personalised care plan for each of your residents.

This helps create efficiencies in your care home that free up staff to spend more time with residents and deliver better care outcomes. 

As part of the care plan builder, the document wallet feature enables you to upload documents and link them with care plans as you go. 

Building the skills of your junior care team with management oversight is another key benefit of this feature. Juniors can gain experience writing care plans, that are later approved by management.

The care plan is updated continually at the point of care which gives you a full audit trail available for review, at any time. 

Create a New Care Plan

Auto-create care plans based on clinical assessments. Support Plans are automatically connected to the relevant risk assessments. For example, if you are writing an eating, drinking or weight care plan, the most recent MUST (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool) is there for you to see without navigating away.

Document Wallet

Our document wallet feature enables you to upload paper based and third party documents and link them with care plans as you go.

Management Authorisations

Junior care team members develop skills and gain experience writing care plans that can be approved by their manager.

Ongoing Care Plan Management

Records of daily activities completed by your front line care teams are also automatically featured, allowing your care plans to be easily personalised with recent key events. Any important changes to key risks or preferences can be instantly flagged from within the Care Plan to appear in the residents' "Need to Know" section, which is always visible whether on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Continually Update at Point of Care

A single view of all resident information is available anytime and anywhere across all devices. It is updated continually at the point of care where it is available for review across your entire care home group and can also be securly exported for third parties.

A care plan builder is the start you need to deliver better care.

Care Plan builders are a starting point and not a complete document. The purpose of them is to help you save time and help make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

The time you save should be used to ensure the plans are person-centred and focus on the goals and priorities of each individual.

Digital care plans are replacing paper care plans, with the CQC and NHS driving digital transformation. If you’re thinking about making the switch to a care planning software solution, book a demo with one of our consultants to discuss your homes’ requirements. We’d love to speak with you.

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