CQC Results with Digital Care Planning

Take control of your CQC results with digital evidencing and real-time monitoring.

Read through a selection of our clients’ CQC reports for more information on how KareInn’s Digital Care Management Software supports you and your homes.


Learn more about KareInn Digital Care Planning including features to ensure you are CQC ready

Create Mock CQC visits to ensure each home is CQC ready. Access and review the reports you will produce for the CQC. Practice runs are a great way to train management and staff on how to present evidence and make the CQC’s job as easy as possible.

Create digital action plans for individual homes and across your care home group. Track the progress of each action plan against incidents and KLOEs. Track action plans by category including infection control, risk management, and care activities.

Create reports down to the finest detail including timelines with each care interaction. Rest assured you are providing the highest level of documentation standards for your leadership teams, senior carers and for each CQC visit.

Improve your CQC results with digital care planning, read more from the CQC on how to be prepared for your inspections.

More CQC Ready features

KareInn ensures we meet CQC regulations and evidence the great work we do towards KLOEs, which is so important for a safe service quality director.

Care Service Quality Director

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