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Why Did We Found KareInn?

KareInn digital care planning software was founded because we recognised the huge and positive impact the right technology can make and we believe the care sector deserves fundamentally better.

Through the use of ‘intelligent nudges’ and our ability to provide one single connected interface for all your care technology, KareInn enables a more intelligent, pro-active, collaborative and insight-led approach to care.

Our Big Goal

Working closely with the Alzheimers Society and leading dementia researchers from Kings College, UCL & Exeter, we are on a mission to solve the big questions around dementia in our lifetime, with the hope of one day contributing to a cure.

Central to this is using our findings to better inform how we shape our system and empowering our front line carers with the latest knowledge right at their fingertips.

Our Founders

Our Founding Team has developed highly innovative platforms for the NHS, London Stock Exchange, Lloyds Bank and Aviva. They’re passionate about delivering a best-of-class digital care planning software and transforming the lives of users.

Rachelle Mills

CEO of KareInn

Formerly the Head of Digital for the UKs largest Bank, has overseen major organisational changes from High Street Banking to Governmental Services, helping colleagues to adopt digital platforms at the front line.

Email: rachelle@kareinn.com

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John Lanyon

John Lanyon

Founder and Chairman

A lead member of Alzheimer’s Society Research Network, a corporate finance advisor to the care industry and a former carer, John founded KareInn to deliver tangible outcomes for people living with dementia.

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Alexander Kenney


Prior to KareInn, Alex developed leading healthcare solutions for four London NHS Trusts including Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and King’s College Hospital.

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Eric Kihlstrom


Eric helped start KareInn out of a desire to “make digital matter”. Eric brings 30 years of disruptive innovation in big corporations and start-ups.

Our Digital Care Planning Mission

Smarter and Faster

Replace paper processes and get the central oversight you need to run a smarter care business.

See in an instant how your homes and individual staff are performing. Customise with your own care plan layouts or use our care plan builder. Get flexibility and choice.

Assign specific tasks to staff and monitor the progress throughout the day, without having to chase and follow-up. You’ll have the information to make more informed care decisions at the point of care.

Collaborative Approach

We started collaborating with care home managers and carers from day one, to ensure our design and features were solving their day-to-day problems.

But we didn’t stop there. We didn’t want to take an existing paper-based system and simply digitise it without also asking carers questions about what else could be made better, how could we make the offering as brilliant as possible?

The resulting Digital Care Suite and KareInn Global Platform gives care homes the depth of features they need with an easy to use interface.

Continuous Development

We are continuously developing new features in line with our founders’ mission:

To ensure that every person receiving care through our system is living the best life possible.

We leverage technology to help give residents the independence, choice and individuality they want, the care staff the freedom and time to care and senior management the oversight to make the improvements that ensure higher occupancy rates and minimise risk.

Cost Effective

We launched as a cloud-based, mobile platform and have the benefit of not being dependent on legacy systems.

Legacy systems drive up costs which inevitably get passed on to the clients and require more arduous (and costly) training and on-boarding.

Having fewer layers means our pricing is simpler too.

GDPR Compliance and Security

Data privacy and security are our highest priorities and we work hard to ensure you feel confident to place your trust in us.

Data security is core to the way we’ve built the KareInn platform. Security processes are regularly reviewed and audited to ensure they meet the highest standards and follow the Department of Health and Social Care’s code of conduct for data-driven health and care technology.

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