We’re often asked about Person-Led Care and why we choose this ethos and apply it to our digital care planning platform.

Put simply, Person-Led Care puts the resident in the driver’s seat and ensures their preferences are heard. When residents feel heard, they believe they really matter, feel cared for and tend to live longer happier lives.

Feeling acknowledged and valued is so very important for the wellbeing of residents, especially those with dementia who may not be able to communicate their preferences verbally. Because KareInn was founded “to deliver measurable outcomes for those living with dementia,” (John Lanyon, KareInn Founder) our system was built to capture a residents’ changing preferences and ensures every staff member that is in contact with the resident, has the most up to date preferences for that resident.

What’s even more important is that our system isn’t full of drop-down menus and pre-fill options. With every interaction, carers are encouraged to ask residents for their individual responses, and carers record all verbal and non-verbal communication – not just a happy or sad face.

What good Person-Led Care boils down to is communication and making sure that the digital care planning platform you choose, shares resident preferences in real-time, that the information is available to carers at every resident touch-point, and that the information is being recorded and evidenced with the detail and insight that every individual deserves.

Alzheimer’s Society

In this article, Jenni Mack gives examples from a carer’s perspective.  Person-Centred or Person-Led?