Nourish by Jane Clarke is a start-up company focusing on delivering delicious and nutritious food supplement products, such as smoothies to individuals who face daily challenges in reaching their nutritional targets.  KareInn are excited to be collaborating with Nourish by Jane Clarke because of shared values and ethics, 

“There is a real synergy between what Jane Clarke is trying to achieve through her food range at Nourish and KareInn’s journey.  When I first started talking to Jane over a year ago now, it’s clear that her passion to deliver quality nutrition for individuals in recovery or facing other health challenges came from a place of both personal and professional experience, which is ultimately the foundation of KareInn.  It’s clear that Nourish by Jane Clarke has the potential to raise the bar in nutritional quality in the Care Home sector, and I am excited to begin that collaboration.” Rachelle Mills, CEO


KareInn plans to introduce Nourish by Jane Clarke to its Digital Adopters Club members and share ideas of how the collaboration could be of benefit to the Residents and their Chef teams.