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Already using Coldharbour for income processing?  You’ll be thrilled to see the KareInn Coldharbour integration in action and how the combination of digital care planning and income processing can transform your business.


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Civica Coldharbour clients can experience first-hand the powerful combination of KareInn Digital Care Planning and their existing Civica Coldharbour Income Processing system.

    Before the KareInn Coldharbour integration, our finance system was not always up to the minute aware of residents’ status which impacted fees, occupancy rates and planning.

    Owner, Care Home Group

    KareInn is Smarter, Faster and More Collaborative Digital Care Planning Software.

    Customised Care Plans

    Customise with your own care plan layouts to reflect your language and structure.

    Clinical Workflows

    Gain control by setting end-to-end workflows that follow your own policies and procedures.

    Intelligent Task Management

    Assigns specific tasks to staff and monitors the progress throughout the day, without having to chase.

    Powerful Reporting

    360-degree view across your care homes. Improved productivity with easy to create and quick to download reports on demand.

    CQC Compliance Assurance

    Always CQC Ready. Evidence KLOE with reports, audits, timelines and action plans.

    Resident and Family Portal

    More choice and better communication and well-being of residents and family members.

    Occupancy Management

    Maintain a healthy pipeline of new residents, improve occupancy rates and stream-line your resident journey.

    Global Platform of Choice

    Seamless integration with your business and health-tech software giving you freedom, choice and a world of future possibilities.

    Benefits of KareInn by Role

    Owner and Director

    Registered Managers

    Operations Director

    Clinical Director


    Financial Directors

    Residents and Family

    CCGs other Services

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