Coldharbour, Powered by KareInn

Coldharbour is the Leading Solution for Financial and Operational Management in Care Homes. Coldharbour, powered by KareInn.

KareInn and Civica recently announced their collaboration “Coldharbour, powered by KareInn.”

“KareInn adds digital care planning expertise to extend Civica’s offering in the residential care sector. This unique and complementary integration between the two systems provides a unified resident journey. From admission to discharge, the powerful collaboration will help care home groups achieve cost savings and better care outcomes. 

When integrated with Coldharbour, the easy-to-use digital care planning app will give customers the smart tools they need to evidence care effectively. It will provide instant access to resident history: alerting care staff quickly of possible risk. Interactive reports and dashboards will give managers real-time insights to keep staff and residents safe. 

The rich integration will automate billing rate triggers so that fees are adjusted based on resident dependency, room changes and staff time: allowing for cost savings.”  — Civica 


More about Coldharbour

“Rising costs and funding pressures continue to be a huge challenge for the care sector. But 100+ care providers use Coldharbour financial and care management software to more effectively manage their organisation and their finances. Regular developments in the software help you find new ways to reduce delivery costs and boost your workforce’s productivity.

Coldharbour gives you the tools to handle enquiries, scheduling and rosters. It lets you optimise your workforce and manage mobile working, compliance, payroll and invoicing. An easy-to-use digital care planning app, powered by KareInn, allows you to evidence care effectively. With in-built analytics, you’ll have better insight into your finances and operations.

By managing all your activities in one system, you can control risk and maximise commercial results. That leaves you with time to focus on what’s most important: giving the best quality of care. ” Read more about Coldharbour on the Civica website.

Learn more about the KareInn Coldharbour integration.

Cold Harbour, Powered by KareInn.