Marketing your care home has never been so important, as we start to re-surface from the pandemic.

There is huge pressure on care homes at the moment to improve occupancy rates. Rigorous marketing strategies need to be employed to start marketing your care home and your unique selling proposition developed and communicated to the local community.

In this article Paul Blane gives 10 tips based on his own experience of running care homes and that of running CB Associate Training, a well known national health and social care training organisation. The article gives #carehomesuk proven strategies including how to use videos to bring out the personality and unique selling proposition (USP) of your care home.

“Care Home occupancy is becoming a problem for many providers. With Winter now in full throttle, it is inevitable that we will sadly lose some of the people we care for. That’s the norm, but couple this with the loss of people due to Covid-19 and we start to hit scary times for the business. The pandemic has not only affected current occupancy but future levels to. People & Relatives are more cautious placing someone into a Care Home due to negative messages portrayed like ‘places of Covid hotbeds’.

According to, 111,581 people have died from Covid in the UK, with 75% of these being people over the age of 75. That’s a total of over 83,685! Some of these people may have been future residents of your Care Home. How we market our business in these times is imperative to its survival, you cant rely on demand outweighing the supply.

Realistically the people who will use your services tend to live within a 10-15 mile radius of where you are located. Therefore National targeting unless it’s for branding purposes will deliver very little results. Get the name out and about in the local community.”

— Paul Blane, Managing Director of SVL Care Homes

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Top Tips on How to Improve Your Occupancy Rates in Care Homes

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