The organisation #digitalsocialcare explains “The use of technology-enabled care (TEC) has increased rapidly during the coronavirus pandemic. However, not all care providers feel able to take advantage of technology. Many do not know where to start or how to navigate the whole process.

The Hubble Project – developed by the National Care Forum (NCF) with funding from NHS Digital’s Digital Pathfinders Programme – enables care providers to learn from others who have introduced technology and get a grasp on technology-enabled care.

Based on a series of virtual visits to three innovative care providers, the Hubble Project has now published a series of films, information packs, templates and guides. Senior leaders, managers, care staff and family carers share their experiences of planning, implementing and using technology.

We are very excited about the tools produced for #carehomesUk by the #hubbleproject, to assist with the process of selecting digital care software for your care home. The tools include:

Business case template

Writing a tech specification

Tech supplier checklist

Project plan template

The KareInn blog is also full of resources on how to get started or if you’d like to learn more about what KareInn’s digital care planning solution has to offer, you can book a demo here and speak with one of our social care consultants.


More about the TEC Services Association: The representative body for Technology Enabled Care

The TEC Services Association (TSA) is the representative body for technology-enabled care (TEC) services, working on behalf of and advising organisations including telecare and telehealth providers, housing associations, care providers, emergency services, academia, charities, government bodies and health and social care commissioners.

The TSA’s vision is that people choose technology-enabled care to enrich everyday life and our mission is to drive the transformation and growth of the TEC industry.

TSA is governed by the TEC Services Association Board of Directors. Board members represent suppliers and service providers in the TEC sector.