Finance directors are familiar with using cloud-based accounting tools to consolidate data and reporting across multiple locations. Attempting to manage the finances of a substantial care home group with paper records and spreadsheets would look like a very strange and risky choice in today’s world. Adopting a cloud-based management system to organise the core care-related operations and activities of a care home group is a straightforward extension of that logic. There’s less manual effort and greater transparency and accountability. This meets finance directors’ biggest concerns head-on: operating efficiency, profitability and risk management.

Occupancy Management

Occupancy rate is the biggest financial driver in any care home. The direct routes to higher occupancy are effective marketing and efficient admissions processes. KareInn helps improve occupancy rates through automated marketing tools, online room selection and efficient pre-admissions assessments.

Occupancy rates (and fees) are also driven by reputation. Reputation is the combined effect of feedback from residents and families as well as CQC inspection reports. If the home delivers personalised care more effectively it becomes a more attractive choice. And with KareInn you can easily evidence compliance with CQC standards.

KareInn is all about helping people deliver high standards of personalised care, backed by reporting tools that offer maximum transparency over performance and trends.

Risk Management

Operational, financial and reputational risks are all entwined with how organisations manage information and communications. KareInn places everything that is critical to running a care home group in a single, centralised environment. Less time gathering and collating data means more time to analyse what’s happening, improve standards and proactively reduce risk.

Leverage Technology Investments

Care management won’t be your only technology investment and technology works better for your organisation when it works together. When we designed KareInn, seamless integration with other leading operational and financial software used by care groups was a priority.

Improve Employee Retention

Finance directors are well aware of the cost every time somebody leaves and has to be replaced.  This shows directly in your financial data as recruitment costs. But there’s also the indirect cost of lower productivity while new staff are onboarded and trained.

Enabling people to do the most effective job possible encourages them to stay. A modern, digital care management system is an investment in the team as well as the business. It improves efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and paper records, and helps improve retention because there’s more time to care.

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