According to the ONS, women who enter a care home between the ages of 65-69 will live, on average, for an additional seven years. For men the figure is 6.3 years.

During that time their level of dependency and care needs will almost certainly change significantly. Additional funding to cover increased dependency has to be negotiated – otherwise care providers end up absorbing the cost.

A simpler way to track and report increased dependency helps shift the negotiating power back towards providers.

Are Your Care Homes Delivering Unfunded Care?

The new Dependency Tool from KareInn is a simple and practical way to tackle the issue of tracking dependency level changes and improving your negotiating power. It was developed in collaboration with a large front-line care provider.

The tool tracks the dependency level of individual residents across four core plans:

  • Continence
  • Eating, drinking and weight
  • Personal hygiene
  • Mobility

For each of these plans the tool automatically allocates the number of staff and care hours needed to meet the assessed dependency level. These can be overwritten to suit individual cases. These hours are added to the base care hours along with any additional time needed for extended care.

Easy to Update and Interpret

The tool gives you a simple graphical representation of actual care hours delivered and dependency levels for each resident, and how these change over time. The gaps between dependency, care delivery and funding become obvious and effortless to track.

It’s easier to argue the case for more funding to meet additional and increasing care needs if you have the data readily available. The new dependency tool provides the data. It’s also incredibly easy for staff to update individual dependency needs and for managers to extract the information they need.

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