Care home managers are pivotal people which means they usually become the go-to person for anyone who has a query or wants to know what’s happening.

If you’re a care home manager this typically means a lot of calls. Every day! Each one means you have to stop what you’re doing, find information, deal with the issue, and then try to refocus on what you were doing.

But how many of those calls are both urgent and important enough to distract you from other priorities? How many could be avoided with better systems for communication and sharing information? 

Imagine what you could do with all that time you’d get back.

In fact, KareInn can reduce call volumes by up to 40%, mainly through efficient information sharing.

Let The Information Flow

If there are clear and detailed requirements set out in digital care plans, nobody needs to call for clarification – even if they’re unfamiliar with that particular resident. Concerns can be raised and observations recorded using the digital app. It doesn’t need a call, unless, perhaps, it’s a serious issue or risk.

Events also generate calls and queries. Follow-ups to events or near misses can be tracked through KareInn digital action plans. People can see the real-time status and update completed actions online. No calls needed.

Pre-empt Issues And Prevent The Call

Events and issues often occur because warning signs and trends weren’t spotted in time. The KareInn management dashboard clearly shows performance trends and provides automated updates if key events or milestones are missed. Imagine how many urgent calls this would save.

Family Portal

Families are essential partners in the broader care team. They expect to be kept informed about how loved ones are getting on. They also want to be involved in the care planning process and may have concerns about their loved one’s health or behaviour.

Naturally, serious concerns still call for a conversation. But routine updates, progress checks and scheduling visits – those can all be done without needing a call using the family portal.

Data Standardisation And The Future

The future of adult social care involves digital care records and data standardisation. This opens the way to secure online information sharing with other healthcare professionals.

KareInn is fully committed to data standardisation. In the not-too-distant future this will improve collaboration as well as reducing the need for calls simply to find or share information about residents and their care. Before long we’ll probably be reducing call volumes by even more than 40%.

When people think about the greater efficiency that comes with digital care management they tend to imagine the joys of life without piles of paperwork. Think too about the number of routine calls that would no longer be needed – and how much time that would give you back.

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