We’re not going to start by trotting out the scary statistics about the number of unfilled care staff vacancies. You’ll have your own experiences with trying to recruit and retain staff that are much more relevant.

The State of Care Report that we recently summarised has plenty of detail about why recruitment and retention is such a problem. Head over to our resource centre if you want to know more.

Work Better with the Care Team You Have

If care staff vacancies are hard to fill, the key question is how much can you achieve with the staff you have? Even if your team is smaller than you’d ideally like there are still practical ways to deliver better care.

There are three key factors: digitisation, process improvement and resource allocation.

The first principle means getting digital technology to do, or help improve the efficiency of, many routine tasks that don’t directly contribute to care delivery.

The second principle is process improvement. For this you need accurate, up-to-the-minute data about what’s really going on in your care homes.

The final principle is efficient resource allocation. To make this work you need a connected environment where all of your essential care and business management tools talk to each other effortlessly.

Digitising Care Management

KareInn’s digital care planning software includes efficiency features such as the ability to dictate notes, leaving more time for staff to focus on other areas of care management.

Care plans can also be updated instantly at the point of care using the KareInn app. Care staff have access to the latest care plan at all times through the app, which saves time and reduces risk.

Improving Processes

Process improvement should be controlled and scientific so you know you’re changing the right things in the right way. This is all about the data you collect and how you make it usable.

KareInn’s care management dashboard reports, reviews and analyses data quickly and easily. All the information you need to streamline day-to-day operations and improve care standards is available in one place in an easy to interpret format. No more guesswork.

Bringing it All Together

A modern care home is a complex organisation. This complexity is multiplied if the home is part of a group. KareInn is all about integrating essential tools and data: care planning, task management, clinical workflows, occupancy management, CQC compliance and more.

Whatever the size of your team, KareInn has the digital tools, integrations and support to ensure they deliver the best standards of care possible.

For more information on how KareInn helps deliver better connected care, book your KareInn demo.