Meeting a person’s care needs relies on a team working together and the more complex their needs, the larger the team is likely to be. There will be a team of professionals in your care home; clinicians, therapists, family members and – most important of all – the person who needs care.

That’s a diverse group of people to consult, inform, and receive input from and all of this has to be done within a fully compliant framework.

Integration is the mood of the time. The evolution of ICSs is all about helping different elements of the health and care system to work together more effectively.  But this all has to be delivered by individual providers. There’s a real practical issue of how all the agencies and individuals involved can remain connected in a way that calls for minimum effort.

Change tends to happen faster when a better way of working is easier than what you currently do. And when it comes to collaboration, technology makes this possible.

Clinical Workflows

The KareInn suite of care management tools incorporates clinical workflows, which is fully in tune with the collaborative theme.

A workflow is a sequence of tasks performed by different people across different work environments. A ‘work environment’ could be a department, care home, staff grade or could involve a GP or outside therapist.

Workflows can be simple (perhaps involving a single care worker), or complex. Tasks can be automated, manual or mental. An example of an automated task is when a high MUST score around nutrition triggers a malnutrition care plan through KareInn’s built-in scoring system and digital care plan builder.

You already have workflows. KareInn just makes them simpler to map, update and track. It also simplifies the collaborative element through a secure online system that anyone involved in a person’s care can access.

Family and Residents’ Portal

Families are very much part of the broader care team. The KareInn portal makes it easy to engage families and residents so that they’re involved and reassured. Through the portal you can share details of the day-to-day care of a loved one along with photos and highlights of the day.

For more information on how KareInn helps deliver better connected care, book your KareInn demo.

GP Connect

KareInn also improves two-way information flow between primary care and social care services using the integration with GP connect. The latest medical notes can be safely shared between clinicians within the home and the GP practice. Information shared will even include the most recent Allergies and Medications list.

This level of sharing will be built upon year on year as part of the new Integrated Care Service structure and is only available to those, like KareInn, who are on the assured supplier list.

For more information on how KareInn helps deliver better connected care, book your KareInn demo.