“Kate has an incredibly empathetic and people-centred approach – whether it comes to leading and inspiring the team, or working with clients, suppliers and investors.”

— Parita Doshi, Deputy Director at Nesta


I am thrilled to announce that Kate Colborne-Baber has joined KareInn Digital Care Planning as our Managing Director. In the four months that she has been with us, she has already made a huge impact, has won herself over with our clients and has proven her deep passion for technology and the impact our system has on residents’ lives.

Although new to KareInn, many of you may have met Kate during her previous role as COO of Oomph! Wellness. Kate has been active in the sector for over 10 years and has made a name for herself not only for her focus on operational excellence but also for her compassion and ability to hone in on the needs of clients and residents.

Kate is not new to us. Her relationship with KareInn started over five years ago, through her role at Oomph!. Working in collaboration, Oomph! and KareInn embarked on a journey to shift the sector’s mindset towards technology and data. Through the development of intuitive software, together, we provided a supply of exercise & activity prompts to Wellbeing Coordinators / Activity Leads, saving them valuable time in planning, and ensuring continual variety, to keep residents stimulated and engaged. By capturing outcome data and analysing trends, through this collaborative effort, homes achieved a greater impact on long-term health & wellbeing indicators which positively influence behaviour.

After leaving Oomph!, her passion for data, collective knowledge sharing and desire to achieve a more joined-up approach to care, led her to take a position within the “What Works” network. For the past year, she worked closely with government departments and policy-makers, sharing the best evidence of “What Works for Children’s Social Care”. The evidence-based research produced, significantly shifted policy-makers’ strategic thinking and approach within this highly complex sector and led to improvements in the system with better outcomes for children and families.

Whilst influencing policy on a national scale is rewarding, on a personal level, she felt the pace of change was too slow and the connections with beneficiaries too distant. I am, therefore, hugely excited to have Kate Colborne-Baber join KareInn, as we continue to deliver a cutting edge digital care planning solution.
Our technology is changing how our clients work collaboratively with management, local authorities and funders to create operational efficiencies, gain greater financial insights and significantly improve individuals’ care outcomes.

In Kate’s words:

“I look forward to being a part of the KareInn team and using my experiences, spanning corporate, charity and social enterprise businesses to help KareInn achieve its ambitious growth and innovation strategy. There is much to look forward to and I look forward to working with the sector on this journey.”

Welcome, Kate!


You can contact Kate by email at kate@kareinn.com.