KareInn defines the next generation of electronic care planning with the launch of KareInn 3.0, the smarter, faster and more collaborative care home solution.


KareInn 3.0 is the next generation in electronic care planning, enabling Care Home Groups to benefit from customised care plans, clinical workflows, intelligent task management and more powerful reporting. The new features fully support care homes in providing a safe environment against Covid-19 and other highly infectious diseases. 

“3.0 is a culmination of 5 years working very closely with our partners and their front line staff. It is an end-to-end platform that forms the digital backbone of a care home groups’ business,”

says Rachelle Mills, CEO at KareInn. Ms Mills goes on to say,

 “We’re proud of KareInn 2.0’s results in improving our clients’ CQC ratings and how it supported our clients in managing Covid-19 related issues. KareInn 3.0 raises the bar on insights into our clients’ data. We present their data back in a way that lets them know what fire to put out first and what to address before it becomes a problem. It allows Care Home Groups to demonstrate that their organisation is constantly learning, taking action and improving which the CQC are really big on.” 


Features and benefits of KareInn 3.0 include. 

  • Smart Management Dashboard that you can rely on throughout your day to help you do your job better.
  • Care Plan Builder that allows you to auto-create care plans and assessments with smart guidance, strict management controls and data compliance.
  • Care Delivery Monitoring that ensures you are on top of your day and nothing gets missed and allows you to set alerts for management and set tasks and reminders for care staff.
  • Clinical Workflows that help you reach a new quality standard in your workflows and help you protect your processes, error-proof your operations and create smart feeds.
  • Improved Occupancy Management to maintain a healthy pipeline of new residents, improve occupancy rates and stream-line your resident journey.
  • The KareInn Global Platform which enables you to seamlessly integrate with any business software and healthcare technology, ensuring you always have access to the best and the latest innovations.
  • Resident And Family Portal which provides truly resident-led care, deepen communication with family which leads to improved well-being all around.

For more information on KareInn 3.0 and to request a demo, visit KareInn.com or contact hello@kareinn.com.