KareInn is a deliberately small and dedicated health-tech company servicing residential care homes.
Yet when we say small, we mean fiercely focused. We do not have a huge sales team, there are no ‘spinning bow-ties’.  Instead, our time and resources are spent on our technology, amazing client service and ensuring our product is the most innovative and resident-led solution on the market.

Our lean but fiercely dedicated approach is validated by who we work with. When The Royal Hospital Chelsea looked to go digital after 330 years of operating on paper, they chose KareInn. When Friends of the Elderly, a 110-year-old organisation looked to go digital, they chose KareInn. Likewise, when Hallmark Homes, an operator at the top of their game wanted to switch from their incumbent provider, they chose KareInn. Or we could point to newcomers in the market such as Baycroft or Kyn Care, both launched with a view of being the best providers in the market, now among our customer list.

Similarly, we could look to our technology partners. When Civica, a £1bn technology organisation completed a global search for digital care planning, they chose KareInn, and have set up an exclusive and independent partnership for only the second time in their history. Or our partnership with CBAT; a leading provider of training in social care for over 3 decades; again, is an exclusive partner to KareInn allowing us to utilise their network of over 300 trainers. We have partnered with Google Deepmind, UCL and Kings College London at one end of the scale, and exciting start-ups like Ally acoustic monitoring or Abena continence pads at the other.

Two drivers have led to this level of success.

  • First, we have a product and service approach which is great enough today, comparable to any other available on the market. Some users may prefer functionality or the approach of other systems, many will not. But all offer a safe and compliant system today.
  • Secondly, we have a clear and ambitious vision for the future and have been uncompromising in the belief that the industry deserves so much better than what is available today. Going digital should not be about capturing information slightly more efficiently than paper. It should be about using your data and skills to help you deliver quantifiably better care.

What is therefore undeniable and unmatched, is the rate of improvement KareInn has demonstrated in the 5 years since its inception.

And yet, we have not rested on our laurels, despite having taken on market-leading customers, in 2020 we took the brave decision to completely rewrite our system based upon all our learnings of the first 4 years and to put the technology proposition on the very best foundation for what we want to achieve in the next 10 years. The new system, launched in October 2020 provides the very latest in security, stability and scalability measures, while also providing a fantastic user experience at the front-end, and at the back-end the ability to create a huge amount of flexibility while maintaining data integrity.

Finally, we believe it is important to briefly highlight our history, and how this relates to our vision of the future.

Prior to KareInn, I had spent over 10 years as a volunteer working with, and funding research into dementia via the Alzheimer’s Society, the largest care-based research funder in Europe. Yet the personal frustration was always that great, quantifiable insight was possible, but hard (and expensive) to get, really limiting its potential, and stifling any genuine impact in the real world at scale.

KareInn was therefore founded in 2016 with the idea that if we could get Health Tech into the hands of carers at the front-line, then we could collect a large quantum of data. What matters then, is creating an ecosystem of leading clinicians, academic researchers, frontline staff, technologists and other providers, data scientists and even residents and their family members to help us understand the data and create actionable insight. We could then get this insight to the front-line of care; meaning we could stand a chance of genuinely helping to deliver better care, and improve quality of life outcomes for individuals, especially those living with dementia. What we are trying to ultimately achieve is difficult, and we need all the assistance and experience from partners we can muster.

However, we could not do any of this unless we could demonstrate meaningful value for care providers today – the ‘so what?’. We feel we have met this bar already as we continue to grow our client base of ambitious and caring residential care home providers. Over the coming years, we will keep our clients on this continuing path of innovation and keep them at the forefront of care delivery.

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