Record keeping and administration are essential tasks in any care home. They also take up a lot of time. If you could spend less time physically recording data you’d have more time to interpret it and identify trends – at individual resident level and across the home. There’s also more time available to devote to residents.

A recent survey reported in Care Management Matters found that many care managers felt they waste more than 20 hours per week on bureaucracy. This doesn’t take into account the time taken by care staff simply recording information rather than delivering care.

Streamlined Information Capture

The Quick Tools feature in KareInn is designed to simplify the process of recording resident care data without having to type everything. The voice-to-text feature saves time when recording information related to almost any aspect of an individual care plan, including events, daily living activities, vital signs and much more.

Equally important is how that information feeds the Trended Data feature. This provides a graphical view of how the information recorded for each resident has changed over time.

Tracking Trends

And easy-to-interpret graphical representation makes it easy to track trends including:

  • Food intake
  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Personal hygiene
  • Respiratory rate
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Falls
  • Seizures

Quick Tools and Trended Information are great time savers. We’ve calculated that this could be as much as 90 minutes each month for every care plan.

Even more important: when you streamline how you record and view key resident information it’s easier to spot significant changes early. You can then make adjustments to individual care plans to meet evolving needs.

Trended data across the home can potentially identify more systemic issues where early intervention helps to maintain and improve standards of care. These features are not only major time savers, they also contribute to more effective person-led care.

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