Evidencing CQC compliance should be straightforward. If your care home is well led, and provides safe, effective and responsive care, meeting CQC expectations is essentially ‘what you do.’ 

So much for the theory – what does practice look like? It probably depends on what care management systems you use.

The philosophy behind KareInn is to integrate compliance into normal routines and digital record keeping. The platform ensures that evidence is collected automatically and always instantly available.

KareInn can also be integrated with the Radar Healthcare suite of tools to provide a seamless platform for recording, planning and tracking more or less everything compliance-related. 

Enhanced Compliance Tracking

The Radar platform includes modules for events, incident, risk, and audit management, as well as document management and workforce compliance. Intelligent analytics provide insights into patterns and trigger actions.

Enhanced clinical compliance monitoring includes events, seizures, falls, accidents and behaviour incidents. There’s also the capability to monitor facilities management compliance including PAT testing, window catches and other safety-related maintenance tasks.

The integration with Radar allows all types of compliance issues to be recorded and viewed against a resident’s record. Information is shared automatically between KareInn and Radar. So for care staff nothing changes, they can do and see everything they need within KareInn.

The combined capabilities of KareInn and Radar improve safety standards, reduce risks and enhance the delivery of care.

Show Me The Compliance Evidence

If working in a compliant manner is a matter of routine in a well-run care home, providing evidence related to KLOEs should be no different. Care plans will show how you respond to each individual’s needs and preferences and routine monitoring will prove how you track delivery against each plan.

In many care homes it’s not that simple to provide evidence. Care management is largely paper-based. So planning, tracking, monitoring and recording of compliance data becomes an additional significant task. Complexities are compounded when there’s a group of homes to manage.

It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where a home hasn’t been rated as highly as it should, simply because it wasn’t easy to produce evidence of compliance or best practice on request. The KareInn and Radar integration provides a comprehensive solution for evidencing compliance within a care home.

Digital Benefits

Digital care plans are easy to review and update as needs change. There’s a complete and instantly available audit trail to show how needs have been identified and met in a responsive way.

Delivery against each plan is also recorded instantly via the mobile app. You can improve processes and workflows as you go by tracking incidents, accidents and near misses. 

The care management dashboard provides instantly downloadable and printable reports, care audits, event management, timelines and follow-up action plans. As we move into a regime of continuous remote monitoring this capability will be even more of a time and anxiety-saver.

And if you want to present an image of a well-run care home, what could be more powerful than being able to provide whatever data an inspector asks for with a single mouse click, rather than leafing through ring binders.

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