However smart the software, it only adds value when people use it. That’s not a very controversial point – but it is a significant one.

And when the software is a set of management tools that touch almost every aspect of how a care home operates, it becomes hugely important.

So instead of asking which care management technology you should buy, it’s worth thinking about which technology people are most likely to use.

But here’s the surprising part: the critical factor isn’t how the software works – it’s how well care teams are supported to adopt it and transform how they work.

Support Breeds Confidence

The Bennet Institute at Cambridge University studied the influence of training and ongoing support when new technology is introduced to smaller organisations. The results were startling. Groups that had personalised training and support felt much more confident about using new technology. They were also more positive about introducing further technology innovations to their business.

This reinforces the generally held belief that digital transformations are most likely to fail because people don’t use the new technology, or use it to nothing like its full potential.

“It looks great, but I can’t imagine my staff using it.”

This is feedback many tech businesses are familiar with. Perhaps that stems from previous experience where user support during implementation wasn’t a priority.

We Want Active Users, Not Just More Customers

KareInn has a simple philosophy: We don’t aim to sell you software. We aim for you to become active and enthusiastic users of our tools – because you can see every day how they are transforming your business and improving how you monitor standards of care.

To make this a reality we offer new users face-to-face training and support to make sure they’re confident using the software. It makes a massive difference.

Perhaps we’ll leave the last word to one of our customers:

“It was incredibly rewarding to be part of this process. As a team we have worked hard and are in a good place following the implementation. We have suggested improvements to the system which have been taken on board by the team at KareInn.

“We have found the system easy to use – even for some staff that don’t like using devices, it was picked up relatively quickly. It has transformed our processes within the home and getting data over to members of the multi-disciplinary team is much quicker. We have increased operational oversight to monitor care being given  – which is very beneficial to us as managers.”

– Naomi, Handford House, Healthcare Homes.

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