KLOEs provide the structure for CQC inspections and ratings. This basic fact won’t change as the CQC moves to a new inspection framework later in 2023.

But there’s another way of looking at KLOEs. And that’s as a framework to help management teams maintain compliance and understand what’s happening in their care homes, so they can pin-point potential issues and take immediate and purposeful action. To do this you need detail and precision.

Quality Statements Bring Clarity to KLOEs

What is changing as far as the CQC is concerned is the level of detail behind each of the KLOEs. The CQC has published guidance to help care homes and other providers prepare for the new framework. This includes quality statements that define what the inspection grades related to each KLOE look like in practice.

The aim is to make the process less subjective or dependent on the judgement of an inspection team on a given day. Monitoring will be more continuous and data-driven. Which brings us back to detail and precision.

Where Can You Get Detail and Precision?

Care management is moving into the digital age. It’s hard to imagine any other way of keeping on top of the performance data care homes will be expected to submit regularly through the CQC portal.

Again, this has a very positive side. Data is no longer something you have to pull together periodically to satisfy funders and the CQC – it’s something you can use continuously to actively manage your care home to drive up standards.

KareInn simplifies the process of aligning care management practice with KLOEs. This is built into standard operating workflows and the care plan builder. Reporting modules are also built around KLOEs and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

The App directs the care delivered to each individual and allows care staff to quickly confirm when each task is completed. This is all updated immediately on the central database. You get alerts if anything is missed and care staff can also quickly update any clinical baseline data.

KareInn tools turn the management of KLOEs from a chore into a positive benefit that saves managers time, improves standards and ensures compliance.

You can learn more about the new CQC framework and how to make a painless transition to digital care management by accessing our resource centre.  If you’d like to see KareInn for yourself, book a demo.