“Currently an estimated 40 per cent of care providers are still grappling entirely with paper-based records”

— Sajid Javid, Health and Social Care Secretary

Digital Care Record Targets

A friend of mine is going through the process of choosing a care home for her parents and all I can say is – it hasn’t been easy.

First (or second) hand experience makes Sajid Javid’s announcement about more care homes going digital a huge relief. If 80% of social care providers, including care homes and home care providers, are to move to digital care records by March 2024, then that means much more transparency, safety and person-centred care.

It’s the uncertainty of family members of how their loved one is being cared for that makes it so stressful. And dare I say, it’s the guilt. The same guilt new mothers may have when dropping their babies in care for the first time. 

Digital does make it better. 

I know this because of my work with KareInn and I see it and hear about it every day. It’s transforming the lives of residents helping them live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives. It’s also giving families peace of mind. 

We are hugely grateful to hear Sajid Javid’s announcement and look forward to being part of the roll-out.  

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