Event Management

Systematic evidencing and management of incidents, accidents and all events.

Smarter, Faster and More Collaborative

Create the operational efficiencies you need to ensure safety in your homes.

KareInn’s Event Management feature enables you to manage systematically, every care event that happens in your care homes including Accident and Incidents, Falls, Seizures and ABCs (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence). 

Care home managers are acutely aware that residents may have more than one event within a short time frame. Managing these multiple events and the assessments and follow-up actions that go with them requires a robust event tracking system and dashboard. 

KareInn’s Dashboard enables management to track trends across each home for every type of event. With one click you can drill down to the individual event history and reassess the event as many times as it takes before the case is signed-off and archived by management. 

Stream-lined Operations and Better Governance

Ensures governance and adequate evidencing of procedures are followed by front-line staff and enables management to add their expertise along the way, if they think additional actions should be taken.
When an event needs to be reported to the regulators because of a claim, you'll have the information you need to process efficiently.

Management Dashboard and Reporting

Your care homes will now be able to see at a glance trended data, as well as detailed summaries for resident:
Accidents and Incidents
ABCs (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence)

Evidence Care

You'll have the ability to re-asses a particular event multiple times and update with further information, allowing you to see the history of that event from beginning to end. Set review reminders and manage user access levels.

Shared Learning

Track trends in incidents, accidents and near misses and improve processes and workflows accordingly. Create a shared learning environment and ensure staff training is updated to reflect common errors. Make improving care an automated process with smart systems and open collaboration with your teams.

KareInn ensures we meet CQC regulations and evidence the great work we do towards KLOEs, which is so important for a safe service quality director.

Care Service Quality Director

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