A care innovation company

Technology to improve the quality of life for our parents’ generation

About Us


KareInn was founded in 2015 by three people determined to improve the quality of life for our parents’ generation.


We envision a world where people in need of professional care spend the rest of their lives in care with confidence and dignity.

The Challenge

The problem is caring is hard and providing consistently high quality care is expensive.

The exciting thing about our work is that we live at a point in time where incredible innovations come to market every day.

We want to focus that innovation on the people who have been an afterthought to digital innovators – that is until KareInn…

Preventing the affects of long term conditions shouldn’t be a hard as a “moon shot”

We envision using data on our platform to build a better understanding of how people can best “age positively”.

Inserv.io is our first solution in the direction of the better world we envision. Inserv.io delivers value for clients and their residents immediately but firmly has our vision of the future built into our architecture. Inserv.io is a foundation on which to begin to build our better understanding of positive ageing.


We carry more computing power in our smartphones today than rockets used to send astronauts to the moon.
With so much power in our pockets, we have an opportunity like no time before in history, to focus that technology on meaningful problems in our society.
We want to make digital really matter for those who need it most.


We make it easy for carers to spend more time with care home residents, meaning carers can provide more personal, higher quality, care.

Our smart care home solutions are designed with care home managers, and specifically designed to help everyone involved in the care delivery cycle to spend more time with residents, and less time on paperwork.

The Inserv.io digital care plan is the core of our smart care home solutions. In addition, some clients, require our complementary add-on services such as our “Smart care home energy efficiency bundle” or a “WiFi bundle”

Longlands Care Home is our client reference site where residents and their carers enjoy the benefits of Inserv.io.

We never rest when it comes to helping clients. We are always looking for innovations to benefit our customers and their residents. We have a full future pipeline of exciting digital tools, which improve the quality of life for residents and supporting their carers.

Visit us regularly for new ideas. We aim to become the trusted partner of care decision makers when it comes to impactful new care innovations. Innovation is in our DNA and our name. We are KareInn – a care innovation company.

Only Inserv.io digital care plan is:

  • Easy to use;
  • Affordable for small businesses;
  • Insightful; and
  • Scalable for rapid success within the CQC’s Digital Maturity Assessment.




Highlighted Service

Eric Kihlstrom
Co Founder and CEO. He started KareInn out of a desire to “make digital matter”. Eric bring 30 years of disruptive innovation in big corporations and start-ups

Highlighted Service

Alex Kenney
Co Founder and CTO. Alex is former carer. Prior to KareInn, Alex developed leading healthcare solutions for four London NHS Trusts including Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and King’s College Hospital

Highlighted Service

John Lanyon
Co Founder of KareInn and sits on the Board of Directors. John is also a former carer. John is a member Alzheimer’s Society Research Network and corporate finance advisor to care industry.

Board of Advisors

Highlighted Service

Scott Snyder
Co founder and President, Mobiquity - US venture backed mobile engagement provider. Scott guides KareInn on a wide range of subjects including behaviour change, technology and entrepreneurship.

Highlighted Service

Graham Fisher
Founder of Bathcube. Of his previous roles, Graham was Managing Director of Orange UK’s Research and Development Group.

Highlighted Service

Vivek Chaudrhi
Corporate Vice President, Global Digital Head at Boehringer Ingelheim. Vivek helps KareInn to understand the intricacies of the pharmaceutical industry and their relationship with digital.


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