Superb Onboarding Process

Fast adoption without sacrificing business performance.

Onboarding Your Care Home Group



The KareInn welcome packs support your team to become familiar with key communication materials that you can use with staff, residents and families to explain your move to KareInn and how they will benefit.

You will have a dedicated KareInn Account Manager and large group roll-outs are project managed from day 1.



We transcribe your care plans to KareInn for you and our expert team can have you off paper in as little as 2 days, without your records ever leaving your home. Our migration tools support you to move from your existing digital care provider to KareInn.

Training & Go-Live

Did we mention that we make the training day fun and bring treats for residents and staff?

There’s real excitement on launch day that’s helped by how easy our platform is to use and our ability to put staff at ease.


Coaching and Support

Your dedicated Account Manager will introduce you to the accredited e-Learning platform, and best of breed 24/7 customer service that ensures your staff and agency workers are happy with all processes, features and care planning tools.

Embedding Best Practice

Your Account Manager will look after you with regular check-ups and ongoing support, to ensure you reap the benefits of your partnership with KareInn, which includes access to our Digital Adopters Club.

Ready to start your KareInn journey?