Risk management is never far from the front of every care home manager’s mind. Some of the biggest risks come from somebody forgetting an important action in the middle of a hectic day, messages that don’t reach the person who needs them, or critical information needed to deliver safe, person-centred care not being available at the point of care.

You could layer onto these risks the fact that performance trends which could indicate underlying issues are often not spotted until it’s too late – simply because the relevant information was paper-based or in too many places to track efficiently.

Choosing the right digital technology can eliminate these manageable risks by automating key processes and data flows

Minimising risk was a major driver behind the development of KareInn. We worked closely with care home professionals to understand where processes and communications become too complex for effective risk management to be delivered manually or through outdated systems.

We then developed tools to make doing the right thing effortless and foolproof.

Events and Near Misses

Operational risks often manifest themselves as events are near misses. KareInn’s robust data management makes it easy to establish an audit trail and investigate underlying causes.

Digital action plans then make it easy to track the progress of remedial actions. Defensible documentation reporting standards are enforced through the system.

CQC Rating Risks

One of the biggest risks for any care home is a downgrade of their CQC rating. Potential residents and their families look at ratings and form a judgement. The risk isn’t just to your reputation, it affects occupancy levels and possibly financial viability.

So it’s reassuring to know that should you find yourself in a situation where the worst has happened, adopting KareInn as your care management system brings with it the tools to support a systematic and rigorous rating recovery process. This could take you from inadequate to good in three months.

More Detail Improves Compliance

Of course, it’s better not to be in that situation by ensuring you have the processes, tools and monitoring systems in place to maintain and prove compliance at all times.

KareInn is built around a systemised compliance framework so that evidence of compliance is readily available at all times through a clear care management dashboard. This, along with the ability to produce compliance reports instantly, will become more significant as CQC switches its focus to continuous data monitoring

Another feature is that KareInn allows more precise terminology to be used to record the care given. This is a major improvement on vague ‘basket’ terms. There’s less room for interpretation or misunderstanding at the point of care.

Monitoring, Alerts and Reminders

Alerts and reminders delivered to a mobile device are more reliable than human memory. These can be set in the system and managers can create tasks as care staff carry out their rounds. KareInn also monitors clinical baselines and sends alerts if there is a change.

This is a brief summary of the ways that KareInn improves risk management within care homes. To discover more, book your KareInn demo.