Eisenhower, the former American president, famously had a sign on his desk saying ‘The buck stops here.’ and that sums up perfectly how it feels to be the owner or MD of a care home. Responsibility for multiple complex processes and compliance issues, as well as the quality of personalised care enjoyed by residents ultimately rests with you.

Your leadership role encompasses ensuring that your home delivers safe, personalised care and is an attractive proposition for potential residents. It means careful management of people, processes and finances so there are funds to invest in improvements and new facilities.

The Best Help Available

So it stands to reason that you need the best help available. Some of this will come from your management team. There’s another essential team member every owner or MD should have by their side – a modern care management system.

Tracking the information needed to stay on top of events and plan for the future could easily be a full time job. Far better for all of that mission-critical data to be brought directly to your desktop in a way that’s easy to access and interpret. But that’s only part of what the KareInn care management suite does.

Clarity and Certainty

The care management dashboard lets you quickly assign tasks to specific members of staff and track progress without having to chase. You can also instantly see any local differences in performance or safeguarding and drill down into the details behind the statistics.

In addition, you can easily configure and download reports covering KPIs, near misses and incidents.

Perhaps the biggest reassurance comes from knowing that your entire team – from managers to care delivery staff – have easy-to-use tools that clarify what needs to happen when, and that key actions are logged automatically as people work. This is perfect for keeping track of what’s going on and for instantly generating CQC compliance data.

We didn’t create KareInn to be just another care home management tool, we’ve fine-tuned everything to deliver clarity and simplicity. So there’s more time for you and your team to drive up standards and make your care homes the first choice for people needing residential care.

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