If you’ve invested in a basic digital care planning tool you’ll be familiar with some of the benefits technology brings to a care home.

You’ll know how a digital solution helps eliminate duplicate work, improves communication, reduces errors, and ensures that care staff always have the current version of a resident’s care plan.

But at the same time are you maybe wishing the software could do a bit more? Or that it was a bit better tuned to how you’d prefer to work?

If so, you’re not alone. When care homes upgrade from a basic care planning tool to KareInn it’s often because they quickly reached the limits of what the basic tool offered and want to do more.

Pre-admissions, integrated care, clinical workflows, event management… There’s a huge list of day-to-day activities that can be managed more effectively and efficiently with a full-featured digital platform like KareInn.

Collaborative Design

You might also be thinking: ‘We don’t need a software company to tell us how to run our care home.’ We agree. That’s why KareInn was designed from the ground up alongside experienced care managers.

Our first aim was to simplify all of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities care home managers face. And then we went further. We explored with care teams how digital technology could help them do things better, not just faster – improving compliance, partnership working and the experience for residents and staff.

We also offer flexibility. So you can, for example, simply use our care plan builder and templates, or customise your care plans to reflect your exact needs.

The result is a comprehensive care management platform that’s a perfect fit for how a modern care home works. It’s also a future-proof solution that will make your care home more adaptable as the demands of residents, partners, funders and regulators evolve.

There’s a very easy way to judge for yourself and see what you might be missing: book your KareInn demo.