Caring, effective, safe, responsive and well-led. A familiar collection of terms for any care home manager. They’re at the core of your current and future CQC assessments.

Of these, caring, effective and safe all relate directly to care planning and delivery. As people within the care sector will know, there can be significant time and complexity involved in ensuring and verifying that every care home resident receives the right care, at the right time.

Similarly, they understand what’s involved in continuously updating care plans as a result of potential concerns and changing care needs noted by care staff.

Care homes don’t need reminding. Particularly those that still use paper-based care plans and spreadsheets to monitor everything. But is that how it needs to be? Could it all happen much more efficiently and easily?

The Most Effective Choice

If you were starting from scratch and had the choice between managing care plan delivery with paper forms and manual data entry, or using a modern, mobile-enabled care management system, which would you choose?

The right technology means you don’t need to remember everything. Prompts and reminders delivered to mobile devices in the hands of your care team bring added reassurance that important care tasks won’t be missed.

If anything isn’t done when it should be, the technology will send you an instant alert. Action can be taken immediately rather than after data has been manually uploaded and somebody finds time to run a report.

Faster and Easier

Given the inevitable complexity of delivering person-centred care to dozens or hundreds of residents, anything that makes care task assignment and monitoring faster, easier and more effective is surely to be welcomed.

During 2023, the CQC will move to a new regulatory framework. The new ratings regime will focus on frequent remote monitoring of service user feedback and data, and less on physical inspections.

It’s another reason to move to digital care planning and gathering of delivery data so that whatever data CQC needs from you to make its assessments, you can provide it with next to no effort.

To see modern digital care planning in action, book your KareInn demo, or visit our resource centre to find out more.