I wanted to update you on our position as it unfolds with regard to Coronavirus.

KareInn are actively monitoring Coronavirus (COVID-19) and taking the necessary guidance issued from Public Health England to work safely with our customers to ensure the health and wellbeing of the vulnerable service users in your care.

As a precautionary measure and despite no one on our team having signs or symptoms of Coronavirus, KareInn are now conducting essential face-to-face meetings only, or as directed by you and your home policies.

To continue to support our providers, all meetings can be conducted via video-conference.

The team here are also sensitive to the extra pressure Covid-19 could place on your services, and will be mindful of this when engaging with your teams.

We are aware that the situation continues to evolve, and you will be needing to communicate changes with your own teams. The KareInn App can be used to help further communicate these changes and we have included guidance below on how to set this up.

In the meantime, I’d like to reassure all our clients that KareInn will continue to provide its services as usual.

Like all businesses we are taking precautions. We have reviewed our business continuity plan to manage our own essential services in the face of high absenteeism.  As a technology company we are well equipped with the secure cloud based tools to continue to operate and fortunately, this means there should be no disruption to our services and very minimum disruption to the support we are able to provide.

On a personal level, I wish you and your team well during this time.

Rachelle Mills
Chief Executive Officer, KareInn