The KareInn Lab is working behind the scenes to make our solution even smarter. Building artificial intelligence (AI) into the system enables carers to make better care decisions.

Intelligent workflows alert management and carers to potential incidents, before they happen, creating a safer environment for the whole organisation and every resident under its care.

KareInn is one of the first care platforms in the UK using AI to boost its service, so you can be confident we are continuously improving our solution and the care that’s delivered.

How Data, Machine Learning and AI will impact business performance for Care Providers

Rachelle Mills, CEO at KareInn says “There is a lot of mystery and mixed messages surrounding AI and Machine Learning. I wanted to give Care Providers the opportunity to learn more about its application and judge for themselves whether or not using their data in this way can make a difference for their operations”.

KareInn were first introduced to Deepmind Health when they were part of the highly competitive Google Residency Programme, which supports innovative technology companies that have social impact at their core.

Roman Dahl, Applied AI Strategy & Operations from DeepMind Health helped break the process down for Providers and remove some of the confusion that surrounds this kind of futuristic development. Roman was able to show how Deepmind’s ‘Streams’ platform had lead to improvements in responsiveness to Acute Kidney Injury in the Royal Free Hospital, London.

These sorts of developments are very similar to the advancements KareInn intend to make for Adult Social Care.

Today, KareInn operates across over 100 homes and is growing fast. They supply front line care staff with proprietary software delivered through an easy to use mobile app. The platform helps care homes to coordinate and support better care. The app is designed to make the day-to-day reality of adult care more efficient, by keeping a resident’s records in one digital place”, Rachelle Mills, KareInn’s CEO explains. “Staff can communicate on the app, make notes on a resident’s progress or needs, and coordinate care all via the same platform.”

“Our customers tell us that this has saved them 90 minutes for every care plan review by a manager or nurse, an hour back each day for frontline carers, and 30 days a year in Regional Management time. “

KareInn is proud of the progress it has made to date but is committed to going much further.

Andrew Winstanely Managing Director at Baycroft says “I’m excited to see what’s in store going forwards as we continue to collaborate and benefit from their appetite to break boundaries”.

Rachelle puts their success down to combining KareInn’s digital skills with the input from their early adopters.  “The team is constantly in conversation with our initial Care Provider partners to find out what’s needed in the sector and in the residences – and where best to focus attention “

“The real benefits we see using the digital care planning system are now really bearing fruit, with better personalised care entries and real-time updates for relatives. The time saved from the old paper system means our care teams spend more meaningful time with our residents. ” says Richard Macintyre, Quality and Innovation Director at Friends of the Elderly

The next stage of KareInn’s development will put the company at the forefront of technological innovation in the social care sector.  At the moment, the team are working on building artificial intelligence (AI) into the system, making KareInn one of the first care platforms in the UK using AI to boost its service.

“The new technology will look at individuals history and patterns uniquely, rather than looking at their medical statistics alone,” Rachelle explains. “It can predict whether something might be wrong, and is able to spot anomalies in patterns of health”. The tool could help nurses by recommending a check, if it notices something worrying or unexpected.

The KareInn team are unequivocal that care staff and medical teams will always be at the forefront of care, and best placed to look after loved ones. Their work is made more efficient, and safer, by using the kind of intuitive and innovative tools that KareInn offers.

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Book: ‘AIQ: How Artificial Intelligence Works and How We Can Harness Its Power For a Better World.’

DeepMind Health have been applying Artificial Intelligence to NHS challenges since 2010 and have a mission to apply AI to make the world a better place.

KareInn helps care providers transform their service; making operations run more smoothly and improving resident health & wellbeing. Through reductions in avoidable risks and earlier intervention KareInn delivers a win-win for providers and residents.

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