Google for Startups Residency is a 12-week program which brings the best of Google’s connections, products and best practises to some of the UK’s most innovative startups. Google tailor each program to the specific needs of the cohort, and design, build and deliver value to founders through mentorship, workshops, workspace and events. The program provides a structure for companies  to,  ‘Learn from The Best’, with talks, summits and networking opportunities.

KareInn was awarded 1 out of the 8 places available, on the highly competitive 2018 Residency program, by providing demonstrable evidence of using technology for social good.  Each Residency aims to address a specific challenge through the use of technology.  As a Google alumni KareInn was introduced to other innovative technology companies that have a synergy for using technology for health and social care, which opened up collaborative discussions.  Rachelle Mills, CEO reflects on her experience on Residency, 

“I remain in contact with several companies who were on the Residency, and we remain in discussion about potential future integrations.  As part of the program, I was introduced to Google Deepmind and, with my team,  have been able to share relevant technology insights to the Social Care Sector, which has added commercial value to KareInn.  Being part of Residency was a unique experience, and I encourage all technology start-ups to apply.” Rachelle Mills, CEO