Working as a Senior Account Manager for KareInn, feels as though my work journey, has come full circle.

Growing up, my mother ran a successful Rest Home, one that as children we spent lots of time at.  We knew all the residents and would visit them on a regular basis, chatting and getting to know their life stories, they were our adoptive Grandmas and Grandads.  At the age of 15, I started unofficially working at the home, supporting the kitchen and then went on to become a part-time carer, at 16.

Even when I got a job in the West End in Fashion (I couldn’t have chosen a more divergent industry), I still maintained working at the home part-time and did so until I got married and moved away.

I worked for many years in administration for large companies such as consulting groups and finally the Government until I took voluntary redundancy.  I still wanted to work and looked for a job that was more hands-on and people-focused. Subsequently, I found myself helping to run a Nursing Home.

It was as if I had never left and although the regulatory bodies had moved on, the general ethos of Care that my mother had instilled in me had stayed.

The most exciting development whilst working in the home was the introduction and implementation of the KareInn system.

This was a fantastic innovation and one that I could see the advantages of, immediately.  The time saved, the accuracy of the recording and the developments that were always being introduced were fantastic. I wanted to be part of this innovation and so when I left the Nursing Home I contacted Rachelle Mills, CEO of KareInn, who I had met previously and started discussions on how with my knowledge and experience, I could benefit KareInn and work with them going forward.

Now having worked with them for over 7 months, I have been able to help advise on innovations that will support the industry now and in the future.  One of my best qualities when discussing new innovations is to see it from the Care Industry’s point of view. How practical will it be, the ease of use for the Homes and their workers and the outcomes and benefits they will achieve.

I even showed our Demo system to my mother, who is retired for many years and she was blown away by the ease of use (she’s no tech goddess).  She reminisced about the reams of paperwork that they had to keep and the difficulty of finding that one piece of information you were asked for.  In her own words “I was born too soon”. She also found it amazing that after so many years, my work journey has taken me back to the Care Industry.

KareInn is growing fast and developing day by day and it can only get better and I’m just so pleased that I’m a part of it.